Fighting The Villain - "The Storm" Official Music Video

Stoked to see my friends in @fightingthevillain play with other amazing bands like Heart To Heart, A Lot Like Birds, & Vitaform. Should be a sick show tomorrow night in Walnut Creek

Unfortunately I didn’t take any real pictures for this one because I’m a dumbass but I have these shitty screenshots of my Snap vids lol

Overall, a really fun and amazing show. I saw both of these bands together last year at The Oakland Metro but the sound system and overall sound quality for both bands were way better this time around at The Regency Center in San Francisco. You Blew It! in particular really really blew me away & I can’t wait to buy the new record soon. The energy alone for TFB was worth the ticket as they literally had the vibe, the presence, and the audience(a lot of people left before Say Anything;including me lol) as a headliner even though they weren’t. Very much glad I went

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When someone unfollows me I take it very personally.

lmao me when I first started blogging

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You guys wanna go see a dead body?

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22 Weird-Ass Details You Missed in the Background of Movies

I always knew about ET in episode III, the ruby slippers thing is a nice catch & the sexy time thing is funny but FUCK that dog thing pisses me off. like wtffff

Artist: You Blew It!
Track: Terry v. Tori
Album: Grow Up, Dude
Plays: 1921

So stoked. Seeing  these guys in 5 hours with The Front Bottoms.. AGAIN haha

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Bay Area heads! If you’re into some heavier tunes, my cousin’s mgmt/booking group Cardiac Collective is throwing a sweet melodic hardcore show THIS SUNDAY THE 25TH 27TH (I’m an idiot lol) at Submission Art Space in San Francisco! Its going to be a grand ol’ time, come out & support local music! There’s also a solid pop-punk act opening the show if you’re into that sort of thing ;)

Friendly but excited reminder: THIS IS 6 DAYS FROM NOW! ^.^

get to know me meme: [7/5] favorite movies » star wars episodes IV-VI

↳ The Force will be with you, always.

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Took the train to San Francisco yesterday and took some shots of pretty things I saw

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